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Laser Eye Surgery Liverpool

Welcome to St Paul’s Laser Vision - laser eye surgery in Liverpool provided by professional surgeons in partnership with the NHS.

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Your trusted provider of laser eye treatments

St Paul’s Laser Vision, at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, provides world-renowned laser eye treatments, not only to the community of Liverpool but also to regional, national and international referrals.

Laser Vision Correction

Laser Vision Correction is a small procedure which corrects vision. Whether you are long or short sighted, one of the treatments we offer at St Paul’s, could be the answer to perfect vision.

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We offer an array of different types of vision correction treatments, from Laser Vision Correction, Lens Replacement Surgery to ICL implants. By booking a free consultation, we’re able to work out which procedure is best for you, based on your lifestyle and the condition of your eyes.

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At St Paul’s Laser Vision you will see one of our world leading ophthalmologists on your initial free consultation. They will discuss the procedure and any questions you may have about Laser Vision Correction.

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Laser eye surgery providing 20/20 vision for everyone

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Over 25 years’ experience delivering laser eye surgery in Liverpool

At St Paul’s we offer both laser and refractive eye surgery. Both types of surgery can make you less dependent on glasses or contact lenses. Research shows that both are safe and effective.

According to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, more than 95% of people who've had refractive surgery are happy with the results.

Liverpool laser eye surgery
laser eye treatments liverpool

Why St Paul’s Laser Vision?

St Paul's Laser Vision is within the world-renowned St Paul's Eye Clinic at the Royal, Liverpool. Unlike many high-street laser surgery providers, St Paul's is headed up by a team of world-leading ophthalmologists. Instead of having your initial consultation with an optician, you will see the ophthalmologist who will carry out the procedure.

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Your laser eye treatment FAQs

Here are our top 5 frequently asked questions about laser eye treatment.

When can I go back to work/drive?

  • It is important to recognise that the healing process from laser eye surgery can vary from person to person and from eye to eye. Therefore below table only give a guidance of expected avarage recovery time and time off work.
  • Returning to work depends on your occupation. Our consultant surgeon will be able to give you a more personalised advice  during the consultation as required
  • You will be advised when it is safe for you to drive after your laser eye treatment but as a general rule, it is safe to drive one day after LASIK and 3-5 days after PRK as long as you can see the number plate from 20.5 meter and your level of vision is 6/12 or better.
LASIK PRK/TransPRKLens surgery Lens surgery
Expected visual recovery 1 day 3-5 days 1 day
Recommended time off work 1 day 3-5 days 1 day

Does laser eye treatment hurt?

You should not feel any pain during your laser eye treatment as your eye will be numbed with an eye drop. Most people report feeling some pressure on the eye which can be strange sensation. This will last only for a few seconds.

What is the age limit for laser eye surgery?

You must be at least 18 years old before having laser eye surgery. There is no real upper limit for laser eye surgery as long as your eyes are healthy. However, older people (especially over 60 years old) can get naturally occurring cataract and therefore may be more suitable for refractive lens exchange.

How long does laser eye surgery take?

The actual laser will be active only for a few seconds. The full procedure will be finished within minutes.

Can I do sport after laser eye treatment?

Avoid any rigorous activity for about one month.

Below table gives some recommendations on resuming different activities but your consultant surgeon may give you personalised advice depending on your individual circumstances.

Activities LASIK PRK/TransPRK Lens surgery
Jogging, aerobic excursive, Yoga and pilates 1 week 1 week 1 month
weight lifting 2 weeks 2 weeks 1 month
Swimming, sauna, steam room and football 1 month 1 month 1 month
Skiing, snowboarding, tennis, squash and cricket 6 weeks 6 weeks 6 weeks
Rugby and Martial Arts 3 months 6 weeks 6 weeks
Deep scuba diving 3 months 3 months 3 months

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