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YAG Laser Treatment

St Paul’s Laser Vision has been conducting successful YAG laser treatments in Liverpool for over 25 years. Clients trust our world-leading consultants and YAG laser eye surgeries in partnership with the NHS.

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    What is Posterior Capsule Opacification

    During cataract surgery an artificial lens is implanted into the eye. This lens is supported by a thin membrane termed the posterior lens capsule. This is the capsule which previously housed your cataract.

    Following successful cataract surgery this posterior capsule may become crinkled and opacified, which can interfere with light passing through the eye and sometimes making it feel as though the cataract has returned. Posterior Capsule Opacification can easily be rectified with a minor procedure we call a YAG Laser Capsulotomy.

    Who is suitable for YAG Laser Capsulotomy?

    Studies estimate that around 10-20% of patients following cataract surgery would benefit from a YAG Laser Capsulotomy to restore clarity in their vision. The procedure is painless and involves using a laser to create a hole through the opacified membrane, which allows light to pass through the eye without undue interference. The treatment is fast and painless. The risks and benefits will be discussed with you prior to your procedure.

    YAG Laser Treatment

    Your YAG Laser treatment

    1. Welcome

    You’ll be seen by your surgeon who will dilate your pupil, examine you and answer any questions.

    2. Drops

    Local anaesthetic eye drops are instilled in the eyes to ensure total numbness and comfort throughout the procedure.

    3. Treatment

    A lens will be applied to the eye to keep the eyelid out the way and focus the laser beam on the thin opacified posterior capsule. During the laser procedure you will be aware of the lens, a bright light and a clicking sound; however, you will not see or feel the laser. The procedure usually takes 5 to 10 minutes.
    Immediately following the surgery your vision will be temporarily blurry and you may be aware of a few floaters in your vision.

    4. Aftercare

    You will be able to go home almost immediately with post-procedure drops.

    5. Future

    You will be given your drop instructions. A follow-up appointment will be arranged.

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