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Astigmatism Correction Surgery

St Paul’s Laser Vision has been conducting successful astigmatism correction surgeries in Liverpool for over 25 years. Clients trust our world-leading consultants and astigmatism laser eye surgery in partnership with the NHS.

Astigmatism is a common refractive error that affects the shape of the eye’s cornea or lens, causing blurred or distorted vision at all distances. If you’ve been living with the challenges of astigmatism and looking for a long-lasting solution, astigmatism laser eye surgery offers an advanced and effective approach to sharpening your focus and achieving clearer vision.

For those over 50 years of age, specialised toric intraocular lenses can be utilised during cataract or lens replacement surgery to correct astigmatism.

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    How astigmatism laser eye surgery works

    Astigmatism laser eye surgery is a specialised procedure that aims to reshape the cornea, correcting its irregular curvature and bringing light into a single focal point on the retina. This refractive surgery is tailored to each individual’s unique astigmatism prescription, allowing for personalised treatment and improved visual outcomes.

    A comprehensive eye examination and consultation with an experienced ophthalmologist is conducted. During this evaluation, the extent of your astigmatism will be measured, and your overall eye health will be assessed to determine your eligibility for the surgery.

    Based on the evaluation, the ophthalmologist will develop a personalised treatment plan to address your specific astigmatism prescription. Advanced technologies, such as wavefront-guided or topography-guided lasers, may be used to achieve precise corneal reshaping.

    Who is suitable for refractive eye surgery?

    Suitability criteria for Astigmatism correction with laser is the same as those for PRK and LASIK. Please see “Am I suitable for Laser eye surgery section” to assess your possible suitability here.

    For those, older than 50 years ago age requiring lens surgery, the suitability criteria would be similar to lens replacement surgery. Your surgeon will carefully review your eyes and help you decide which treatment option is best suited to you. Some individuals may not be good candidates for lens surgery and better suited to one of our other refractive surgical procedures. The recovery is usually 1 week for each eye and both can be treated a week apart or in some cases simultaneously.

    Your 1st appointment, procedure and aftercare will be with one of our consultant ophthalmologists, both of whom have the relevant qualifications and extensive experience in this field.

    Astigmatism Correction Surgery

    Before your astigmatism correction

    1. Welcome

    You’ll be seen by your surgeon who will review your clinical measurements, examine you and answer any additional questions that you may have.

    2. Drops

    Local anaesthetics eye drops will be instilled in the eyes to ensure they are completely numb and comfortable throughout the procedure.

    3. Treatment

    You will be positioned comfortably, and the ophthalmologist will stabilise your eye for the laser treatment including inserting a clip into the eye. Using a highly precise excimer laser, the ophthalmologist will gently remove microscopic amounts of corneal tissue, reshaping the cornea to correct its irregular curvature. The laser operates with exceptional accuracy, ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding tissue.

    4. Aftercare

    You’ll be taken to a rest room to relax with your eyes closed. The consultant surgeon will examine your eye 20 to 30 minutes later.

    5. Future

    You’ll be given your post-surgery drops and instructions and a follow appointment up will be arranged for the next day. Over the following days and weeks, your vision should gradually improve, and you may experience sharper and clearer eyesight.

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