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There is no better way to measure your success than hearing what our patients have to say. We pride ourselves at St Paul's Laser Vision to delivering world leading laser eye surgery in a safe place, along with the very best aftercare and advice.

We have been able to catch up with a few of our most recent patients to find out how the whole process was for them and how the procedure has changed their lives.

“I was short-sighted in both of my eyes, I couldn’t even see a car registration a few meters away, so day to day I relied on glasses or contact lenses. I found wearing contacts was really annoying, they were easily moved, caused irritation, made my eyes feel dry and even got infected a lot of the time.

I decided to have LASIK laser eye surgery at St Paul’s Laser Vision because it’s in a safe, hospital environment, so on the unlikely chance that something went wrong with my procedure, I’d be in the right hands – it was a no brainer really.

I felt very informed by Dr Esmaeil Arbabi and the team and confident that I was making the right decision. The actual procedure wasn’t painful at all, but my eyes were a bit sore for a couple of days after the procedure. But if I had to, I’d do it all again because my results have been fantastic.

I’ve got almost perfect vision, 95% in my left eye and 100% in my right. I don’t need glasses or contacts and I can do things I never could before like swimming or going in the steam room or sauna. I can don’t have to worry about what I’m doing, it’s made a massive difference to me and I’m made up. It has 100% been worth it and I’d recommend St Paul’s Laser Vision to anyone, it’s definitely worth it.”

Michael Jopson, 33 from Liverpool

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