What is Lens Replacement Surgery?

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What is Lens Replacement Surgery?

In Lens Replacement Surgery, your natural lens inside the eye is replaced with an artificial one. This procedure is best for older patients or those with severe long or short sightedness.

The surgery is used to treat:

Severe short-sightedness – when your glasses prescription is over -10 dioptres.
Severe long-sightedness – when your glasses prescription is more than +6.5 dioptres.
Severe astigmatism – when the second part of your glasses prescription (called cylinder) is over 6 dioptres.
Cataract – when your natural lens becomes cloudy and vision doesn’t improves with glasses or contact lenses.
Presbyopia – a common, age-related condition that often occurs after 40 years of age. The lens becomes loses its flexibility to change its focusing power, which is why most people require reading glasses, even if they’ve never needed glasses before.

One of the main benefits of this treatment is that you’ll never develop cataracts in the future, which is common in most people age 55 and over.

Types of surgery available:

Clear Lens Extraction

Clear Lens Extraction is identical to modern cataract surgery. In both procedures, an ultrasonic device is used to remove the natural crystalline lens and replace this with an artificial lens. Cataract surgery is performed with the aim of correcting blur or light scatter caused by a misty natural lens whereas Clear Lens Extraction is performed to reduce the need for glasses or contact lenses. Clear Lens Extraction is often preferred to laser vision correction for patients in the retirement age group as the early stages of cataract are common.


Premium Cataract Surgery

Premium Cataract Surgery can be used not only to improve the clarity of your vision, but to make you less dependent on glasses or contact lenses for both long and short distances. The main difference compared to cataract surgery under NHS is the type of lens implants. Under NHS cataract surgery, patients only receive a monofocal lens implant, which means you will always need glasses or contact lenses for either distance or near vision, whereas Premium Cataract Surgery uses advanced trifocal/multifocal lenses which has the potential to make you glasses free for both short and long distance vision.

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